Slippers Take a Fashionable Step Into the Great Outdoors

IN the week that an English design symbol ventured into the spotlight to turn into the new face – and feet – of a well known scope of ladies’ solace shoes, papers have been brimming with tales about another job for that lasting Christmas number one ….the shoe.

As Jilly Johnson – supposedly The Sun’s most memorable page three model – was uncovered as the popular face behind the new reach Gluv women’s shoes and boots, the exposed truth about the unassuming shoe was competing with her for the titles.

For, as reports two public papers, a rising Thick comfy slippers number of us are wearing our shoes not inside before the fire or in the wake of getting out of the shower – however outside.

The explanations for this couldn’t more difference.

The Day to day Mail reports that tipsy English ladies on high-heels will presently get free shoes so they don’t fall and wind their lower legs.

The shoes will be given to them by the police as they leave dance club very early on. The plan is important for a £30,000 drive by police and councilors to forestall “liquor related hurt”.

The plan is to start in December 2008 in the focal point of Torquay, Devon, a famous objective for hen and stag parties.

Cops will convey packs of shaded shoes on their rounds and will hand them to the people who look temperamental on their feet.

Examiner Adrian Leisk told the Day to day Mail: “Once in a while individuals become inebriated and you see them conveying footwear which is improper.

“The accentuation is on giving substitution footwear to individuals to return home in, would it be advisable for them they find their footwear awkward, improper or ruined.

“We have talked with individuals who work on our evening time economy regions and this is only one of various measures intended to guard individuals.”

Albeit the move has been gone after by a citizens’ guard dog as ‘a misuse of cash’, a few ladies consumers like the thought.

Ms Danielle Bolton, 19, told the paper: “My heels hurt me toward the night’s end so I will quite often take them off.

“It’s a ton more straightforward to stroll in shoes than high heels.”

Conversely, the Monetary Times reports that a flood in the quantity of individuals wearing shoes outside has been set off by the acknowledge crunch – as well as an European pattern currently arriving at the UK.